The best small size pets for an apartment

There are a wide variety of animals that you can have as a pet in your home; however, if you have a small apartment it may not be convenient for you to have a large pet, so here we present the best pets you can choose if you have an apartment, do not miss this chapter.


They are pretty and friendly, some people call them pocket pets because of their minuscule size. They are very easy to care for and live for two to three years. You’ll need a cage with wheels, tubes, and other toys to get them to exercise.

Shredded paper will be enough to prepare a good bed for you and you will not mind living alone. If together two of the same sex will be aggressive, but if you choose two of opposite sexes they will coexist well and you will have hamster babies very soon.


The best small size pets for an apartment

The best small size pets for an apartment

They usually come when you call them and you can walk it on a leash. There are many sizes and colors, and they also live from five to ten years. They need a lot of exercise, so you need to provide them with a safe environment for it.


They are very curious and like to explore and tour. They usually last five to eight years. They do not like to be caged and prefer the whole house to go around it.


Turtles are a great option. They have a beautiful shell and will be happy to make their home in your home. They usually live up to 40 years and require a terrarium or aquarium that has parts with water and dry parts to survive. They don’t need much exercise.

Cats can be the perfect pet. It is not necessary to walk them and they can adapt to a completely interior lifestyle. They use the vertical space so the small apartment will be larger and many of them are very social.

Guinea pig

Another alternative. There are many varieties in both color and size, they live from five to ten years and need a lot of exercise. Unlike hamsters, you should not install a wheel in its cage as it could cause damage to its back.


Parrots are colorful, lively and very playful pets. They have very varied colors and can be quite small. If you give it space, exercise and positive attention can be very affectionate. They can live up to 80 years and you must have a large cage so that they can fly short distances.


It should be an easy type of fish to care for and your fish tank should also be easy to maintain. You can opt for a betta fish with thousands of colors. They are also quite small, usually last 3 years and do not need complicated aquariums. They usually adapt to any type of water.

Pygmy hedgehogs

They prefer to live alone and need you to treat them daily so they don’t become biting. You must have a cage for them and they can live between 3 and 9 years.


The skin is very velvety so you will love petting your new pet. It is technically a rodent, but its eyes and ears (similar to those of rabbits) will captivate you. They resemble a kangaroo, with front legs shorter than the hind legs and a thick tail.

They usually live about 20 years and do not need complicated care. They live in wire cages with solid soil and have no body odor. If the se0 cage cleans frequently, the smell is not a problem.
If you dare not with any of these animals, you can always opt for a small breed of dog that is happy in an apartment.

Breeds such as pug, shih tzu, cavalier king charles spaniel, chihuahua, Maltese bichon or yorkshire terriers can live perfectly in a small apartment. This does not mean that you should not take it for a walk on a regular basis like the rest of the races.

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