Advantages and disadvantages of having fish

Having a pet, whatever it is; brings a lot of positive things to our lives. However, we must also bear in mind that an animal requires responsibility and that each of them has its particularities that may not fit with us. In this article; we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having fish as pets.

Know the advantages of having fish as pets

Of course fish are amazing pets! Therefore, below you will find a list of reasons why you should have them.

1. They do not require great daily care

If you want to be a responsible pet owner; you should ask yourself many questions before deciding to bring an animal into your home.

One of them is the time you have daily for their care. If this is scarce, then a good option is fish.
On a daily basis, fish only require feeding and monitor that the temperature and pH of the water is correct. They do not need walks; games or pampering as they do other pets.

2. They are the perfect pets for children

If you want the little ones in the house to start taking responsibility; having fish as pets is a great opportunity.
It is true that they do not need great attention, but children will be able to discover the importance of feeding a living being and will enjoy watching them grow.

3. Relieve stress

Sitting in front of a fish tank to contemplate the gentle movement of the fish in the water is a very effective remedy against stress.

We invite you to check it out!

Advantages and disadvantages of having fish as pets

Advantages and disadvantages of having fish as pets

4. They give color to our home

There are fish that are physically a true work of art. Having them at home well cared for and in an appropriate and well-equipped fish tank; will give our home a very special touch.

Of course, remember that they are not a decorative element, they are living beings.

5. They are healthy animals

Like any living being, fish can also get sick; but it is easy that this does not happen if you provide them with basic care. What is certain is that there is practically no known zoonoses that are transmitted from aquarium fish to people.
This is not the case for certain diseases that can be transmitted by dogs or cats (or other animals) to humans, such as rabies.

Disadvantages of having fish as pets

Before we start listing the possible disadvantages that you can consider that adopting fish as pets has, we want to clarify that none of them are serious enough to not be able to assume it. Start!

1. The aquarium requires care

Although it is true that fish require care; but not as precise on a daily basis as other animals, their habitat must be in optimal conditions so that they can live in it with health.
Setting up the aquarium for the first time can be somewhat cumbersome; so if you can count on the help of a professional, better than better.
In addition, you must take into account lighting, decorative elements, oxygen, pH, salinity, temperature, etc. depending on the species you are going to introduce into it.
On the other hand; the aquarium must be kept clean to avoid the proliferation of algae, bacteria, etc. that make your fish sick.

2. We can’t play with them

Many times we look for a pet to be able to interact with it, play and receive its love. This with fish is not possible.
It is true that between them you can see how they relate; but it is something that remains among those of their species.

3. They are easily stressed

Fish can get stressed easily if they hear loud noises, if we stir the water, if we try to catch them… this will end up having a very negative influence on your health. For example, tapping our finger on the aquarium glass can do them a lot of damage.

4. They are sensitive

In addition to what was mentioned in the previous point, we must emphasize the importance of maintaining a constant temperature. Sudden temperature changes can end your fish’s life!
Another example would be the great difference between the temperature of our hands and that of fish. Holding them with your hands can cause burns!

5. We can’t mix fish without knowledge

It is a mistake to start filling our fish tank without any criteria. This is fatal for two main reasons:
  • You should distinguish between freshwater fish or saltwater fish, as well as warm water fish or cold water fish.
  • And even if you choose fish, for example, only from salt water, you should know that not all species coexist well with each other and that they can do a lot of damage to each other. Always consult a professional!
Now that you know the good and bad of having fish as pets, if you have decided on them, do not hesitate to ask for the most recommended fish for beginners. And little by little you can increase the family of the fish tank.

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