5 Reasons Why Every Disabled Dog Needs an Up-n-Go Support Leash –

5 Reasons Why Every Disabled Dog Needs an Up-n-Go Support Leash –


Whether healing from an injury or dealing with arthritis pain, the rear support leash is the easiest way to give a dog the boost they need to walk, stand, and get around.

1. For Injury Recovery

Up-n-Go Rear Support for large dog

The Up-n-Go Rear Support Leash is the perfect way to reduce the weight on an injured back leg. Simple tasks like standing up can be too much for a weak back leg.

Easy-to-use, the Up-n-Go slides up your dog’s hind legs to support their rear end. Proper support helps a dog stand up, maintain balance, and lessen the weight placed on its injured leg. 

2. Get Your Dog Outside Fast

A dog wheelchair is hands down the best option to get your dog outside to go to the bathroom, but what about when you need to get them outside quickly? When your dog has a bathroom emergency, there’s no time to waste – you need to get your dog outside right away. A rear support leash is so simple and quick to get on, making it the ideal solution to help your disabled dog outside immediately. 

3. Easy to Pack

Our dogs are family and want to spend as much time with us as possible. Traveling with a handicapped pet means bringing a lot of extra equipment on your trip with you! Keep it simple when you’re traveling. All you need is your dog’s wheelchair and an Up-n-Go leash. 

The wheelchair is perfect for your dog’s outdoor activities and daily walks, and the rear support leash is a great way to help your dog into the car or quick potty breaks. A rear support leash is lightweight and takes up very little space, so it can easily fit in your purse.

4. Help Your Dog Climb the Stairs

pup French Bull Dog getting up his front stairs with a dog rear support leash assisted by his pet parent

Regardless of how far your dog’s mobility loss has progressed, every senior dog needs help getting up the stairs from time to time. Difficulty going up and down a flight of stairs is often the first sign that a dog is losing leg strength.

Supporting a pet’s hind legs helps stabilize your dog and can make it easier for your dog to walk up the stairs.

5. Fits Every Size Dog

The rear support leash is the most straightforward harness to size. All you need to choose the right size Up-n-Go for your dog is their weight (or the best guess). There are two size options, the Mini for dogs under 20 lbs. and then standard size, which fits dogs over 20 lbs. 

There are some slight differences between the two sizes, the color and the width of the webbing.

Weight Range Leash Width Color
Up-n-Go Mini 5 to 20 lbs. 1/2″ Red
Up-n-Go 20 lbs. and over 1″ Blue

How Does the Rear Support Leash Work?

This style lifting harness is by far the easiest for any pet parent to use. The rear support leash can be put on when a dog is lying down or standing up. Each support leash features two leg loops that slide up your dog’s back legs with a comfy neoprene sleeve for comfort. Slip your dog’s legs through the loops, pull up the legs, and gently lift. It’s that easy! You can even adjust the height of the handle to fit your height and comfort.


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